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Webinaire avec Elaine Ingham: Bringing Back the Soil

Elaine Ingham is the pioneer of Soil Foodweb studies, and the founder of Soil Foodweb Inc. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Ingham has made the study of soil restoration her life's work. She has helped thousands of clients across the world to restore their lands' soil biology and fertility, so they can reclaim their livelihoods. Elaine is showing the world that it is never too late to restore soil biology, even when the land seems beyond repair.

If you can understand the soil foodweb, then you can break free of the cycle of degradation. Tune in, so you can learn how compost can transform land degraded land back into productive, stable ecosystems, and how you can reverse some of the most catastrophic soil issues of our time. Whether you're a farmer, biologist, gardener, rancher, land manager, or simply interested, this webinar will open your eyes to the potential of compost and soil biology.

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